2000 California/Nevada Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 22-24,  Lake Tahoe
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    Friday | Saturday | Sunday

    These are just a few. Go to my Photo Albums page to see the full set of pictures from our June 24 group ride at Mr. Toad's.

    Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. The shot at right gives you an idea of the more difficult spots, as Geoffrey Faraghan and Nathan Hoover watch Brett Bymaster try again and again to ride the rough stuff at the high altitude!

    Bruce Bundy shows how to deal with trees when they block the trail. A little knot gives him something to land on as he tries to get over it in a two-part jump.

    Note: Click on the small pictures to see big versions!

    Here's another one of the more gnarly areas. Brett Bymaster and Nathan Hoover watch as Bruce Bundy makes his way down it, grunting all the way.  
    These patches of snow will be gone by the time we're there, but they provided fun as we tried to ride through them without our wheels sinking in and spinning. That's Geoff, Rob Bowman, Nathan, Brett, and Andy Jennings.  

    we will ride at the Northstar-at-Tahoe Mountain Bike Park. Spectacular scenery, with Lake Tahoe in the background.

    Brett at Northstar   Brett Bymaster, left, crossing one of the ski runs. In the background you can see for miles. See the tiny cars and airplanes down there? No. But really, the Tahoe Truckee Airport is actually back there.

    As seen below, your unicycle will ride up the mountain in luxury. Enjoy the scenery and apply the sunscreen while you are lifted up to the 8000 foot level.

    Unicycle on the ski lift

    At left Davis, CA Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Tim Bustos showing us what the singletrack (expert) trails look like. Below it's me, being upstaged by Lake Tahoe in the background no matter how cool I try to look. Shot by Tim Bustos.

    Don't like the scenery? Then stay home. This is what the novice trails look like. Every view a picture (annoying to the non picture-takers).

    Tim Bustos again. Don't take that curve too fast!

    I don't think they'll be grooming the trails for us.


    The Tahoe Flume Trail is world-famous as one of the most scenic rides anywhere. I once saw a picture similar to the one at right on the cover of Bicycling Magazine.

    The photo at left is at Marlett Lake. This is about halfway through the ride, near where the actual Flume starts. All the uphill is over by the time you get here!

    As you can see, if you don't like heights, this might not be the ride for you. But the trail is wider than singletrack, and it's not all cliffs. Just make sure you're up to the task of riding 14.5 miles at more than a mile above sea level. At left, Jim Hahn, and Ted Howe in front of Nathan Hoover and Geoffrey Faraghan.

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