Mag Wheeled Unicycles

These unicycles are manufactured with plastic "mag" wheels. Though the wheels themselves are strong, often the attachment at the axle is not sufficient for heavy duty use by adults.

This yellow unicycle has a wheel like a flower. It was part of a performing troupe doing a Sanrio (Hello Kitty) Christmas show in Singapore in late 1994. The seat is plastic with a vinyl cover but no noticeable bumpers. The bearing attachment is similar to a Miyata.

This mag was also seen in Singapore, but in a bike shop. The price was around $100 U.S. It has a typical Taiwanese frame with split bearing blocks, and a decent looking seat with plastic bumpers. In 2 1/2 weeks in Singapore I didn't see, or talk to anyone who had seen any local unicyclists there. Maybe my performances got some people interested.

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