Ultimate Wheels

An ultimate wheel is a wheel with pedals. That's it. Not the greatest vehicle for relaxation, but a great crowd pleaser. Also, according to George Peck of Seward, Alaska, a great aerobic workout. George likes to ride his on snow, ice rocks and anything.

1996 World Freestyle Champion Yuichiro Kato in his winning performance. He's been using the ultimate wheel in his performances for about 10 years, and can jump from the it into a glide on his regular unicycle.

Chris Mimkes ordered his ultimate wheels around in his Freestyle performance at UNICON VIII in Guildford, England in 1996. He could ride one ultimate, catch up to the other one and then jump from one to the other. This act was inspired by Russian unicyclist Alexander Zukanov, who performed it in the Moscow Circus.

A pile of ultimate wheels awaiting the ultimate wheel race at the 1986 National Unicycle Meet in Bowling Green, Ohio. These were made with metal inserts for the pedals into the wood. This style is relatively easy to make, but not nearly as light as the ones above. The wheel in the foreground is mine, with "Uni-Cyclone" shapes cut out of the wood. It now belongs to Jack Halpern.

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