Rick Bissell's

IUF Skill Levels
for the year 2000

- Purchase unicycle unassisted
- carry unicycle 10 meters to car
- gracefully place unicycle in car and drive home

- while holding onto an object or person for assistance, mount unicycle and allow the wheel to quickly shoot out from underneath in a forward or backward direction
- ride forward with both arms flailing in 1 meter arcs
- turn randomly in any direction by twisting
- dismount without damaging seat

- ride in a figure 1
- free mount
- announce free mount success to all friends and post on Internet unicycling newsgroup
- ride while looking to one side
- ride alongside a 15 cm drop
- drift to the left or right while riding

- demonstrate one mount, 4 times
- ride with an empty stomach
- come to a stop, pedal a half revolution backwards and fall off
- open a can or bottled beverage while riding and sip 25 times
- perform a Level 10 skill in a unicycle dream
- ride 10 meters wearing a unicycle T-shirt
- ride 10 meters with a unicycle T-shirt worn backwards
- ride 10 meters with a unicycle T-shirt worn sideways

- create and upload a personal unicycle web page

- purchase a new unicycle of better quality and/or different wheel size
- admit to your boss that you rode to work on it
- mount in lots of different ways
- hop in lots of different ways
- ride backward in lots of different ways
- idle in lots of different ways
- ride one footed in lots of different ways
- ride with the seat out in lots of different ways
- get injured in lots of different ways

- walk the wheel while sticking out tongue from corner of mouth
- spin on a well worn tire
- hop with one foot caught in spokes
- coast while grinning
- glide while screaming
- koosh koosh (whatever that is)

(secret....contact USA or IUF officials for information)

- perform all skills in the IUF video while whistling or humming the appropriate background music

- demonstrate 100 types of mounts
- ride in a figure 10
- walk the wheel one-footed backwards with the seat dragging behind
- hop/twist 720 degrees
- sideways wheel walk backwards
- ride with the wheel off the ground for 10 meters.
- fold an intermediate level origami model while riding backwards with eyes closed
- ride across a state/country/province between two parallel lines 30 cm apart without stopping
- ride or hop over a Level 3 rider
- stand beside unicycle without touching it for 4 hours on a beautiful Autumn Saturday morning

Written by Rick Bissell


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