2004 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 17–19,  Lake Tahoe
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    Okay, don't try to mail your registrations at this point!
    If you still need to fill one out (registration form below), you can do that and print it out so you don't have to fill out forms when you're there. Also exact change if you can, I hate running out. Follow the instructions below.

      Zack Baldwin on Northstar toys    

    We need to know your plans, so we can plan events, meals, and transportation. By pre-registering you will save yourself lots of waiting time on riding days, and help us pay for the T-shirts and other up-front costs. If you are coming in from Canada, send your registration electronically, and bring the payment (and signed waiver) with you.

    Please don't just show up. If the floor spaces are all accounted for, you won't be able to "just crash" anywhere. Plus it causes delays if there are lots of surprise attendees. Each person who arrives for a ride or event without being preregistered will add a few minutes to the time before we can start. So if you don't like waiting, please help out!

    Registration Form
    The registration form is a in PDF format. It should print on a single sheet of paper. Upload the free Adobe Reader if you can't open the file. If you can't get things to work, please let me know.


    1. Open the registration form in your web browser, Adobe Viewer, or otherwise on your computer.
    2. Fill out the form on your computer. This will make it much easier for me to read your writing, and it will do the math for you!
    3. For T-shirts, indicate a number for the size(s) you want. This will fill in the total automatically.
    4. Print the form.
    5. Sign and date the waiver at the bottom. This helps Lloyd and me sleep at night.
    6. Check the math (see notice above). There may be an error in your total, especially if it comes to over $1000.
    7. Set aside exact change or a check for your total, and try to get them to me on Thursday night if you're there.

      Click Here For Registration Form

      The three most important things we need from you are your signature on the waiver, the information of where you want to stay and what rides and activities you will do, and your check. Thank you for helping the event run smoothly!


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