2004 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 17–19,  Lake Tahoe
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    Lloyd videotapes Jack Hughes on Northstar toys    

    Lloyd's. The Lloyd Johnson family home, that is. Many of you will already be there. We will ride Lloyd's Trail in the morning, then play in the yard and do our competitions in the afternoon. After this we will go to the Cottonwood Restaurant for our awards dinner.

    Start time:
    TBA. Probably 10:00 for Lloyd's Trail.

    Getting there:
    Directions and maps are on this page.

    Lloyd's Trail:
    This is a nice ride in the woods near the Prosser Reservoir. We ride 1-2 miles from Lloyd's house, across Prosser Dam, and up a fire road. I believe there will be short and long options available. The short option takes you up the fire road. to a turnoff, where the singletrack Lloyd built will take you back down. It's a very fun ride, with some rolling sections and other more challenging ones. Nearly anyone should be able to handle the short loop, walking any sections you do not feel comfortable with.

    Unknown. You can bring something, or maybe run out and get something at lunch time. Lloyd's family is providing the room, not the board. Maybe we'll chip in for a stack of pizzas or something.

    Street Freestyle Competition:
    This will take place in the driveway. Anyone can enter, but we might not divide by age or skill level. It depends on number of entries.The rules will be found on the Competition page, when I get them written out. The idea is to have something similar to a skate or BMX ramp and flatland competition. The rules will be similar to IUF's Open-X event, but modified to include the obstacles. I think we will do preliminary rounds, and then choose the top 5 or so riders for the finals.

    Trials Competition:
    This will be run according to the latest rules from Kris Holm. This event is also open to anybody, and should be fun for all, and hopefully challenging enough for the experts.

    Dinner/Awards Ceremony:
    When the competitions are done, we will clean up and meet at the Cottonwood Restaurant. I'm shooting for 5:00 for this, to get people on the road relatively early afterward. $20 per person at the door. The food will consist of buffet-style ribs, chicken wings, popcorn shrimp, caesar salad, and lots of bread. Soft drinks or water included, anything you want from the bar, on your own. You can also order additional food from the menu, on your own.

    Note: The Cottonwood would like everyone to know that the food will not be unlimited. There should be enough for everyone to have a fair-sized serving, but if you go crazy on it, it will run out and some people will get none. Please play nice.

    We will figure out a system to give out prizes first for the competitions, then possibly for some special awards (like biggest scab or whatever), and then at random for everyone else. Hopefully there will be something for everybody!


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