Friday Maps and Directions (was Sunday)
Tahoe Rim Trail from Mt. Rose Highway

Directions to the Ponderosa Ranch, 9:00am:
This is where we will come out at the end of the ride. We'll leave some vehicles here to shuttle drivers back up for the rest of the cars after the ride. Sadly, the Ponderosa Ranch is no more. But it's still an easy place to spot. We will park along the sides of the road near the south end of their huge parking lot.

From Truckee:
This is the purple line on the map.

From there we will consolidate ourselves into as few vehicles as possible and head up to the trailhead. This is the red line on the map.

Tahoe Rim Trail driving directions

Tahoe Rim Trail:
This trail goes all the way around Lake Tahoe on or near the mountain ridges and is 165 miles long. Most of it is not open to cycles, and our section is only open on even-numbered days. The section we're riding is Tahoe Meadows to Tunnel Creek Road. This is about 9.2 miles on the Rim Trail, and then a few more miles down Tunnel Creek Road to get back down to lake level. Most of the uphill is in the first mile or two of the ride, after which it doesn't change altitude too much until the intersection with Tunnel Creek. Note we are only riding the purple portion of the what's shown on the map!

This ride has three critical intersections, all of which are in the latter part of the ride. All intersections are wide and I think they all have signs as well.

Tahoe Rim Trail Map


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