Sunday Map and Directions
Mr. Toads Wild Ride, Sept. 24

NOTE: Times will be announced. This is just the directions.

There are a couple of ways to get from Truckee down to our meeting spot in South Lake Tahoe. This map shows the route down 89. An alternate is to take 267 down to the lake, turn left and follow Highway 28 around the Nevada side of the lake. If you do this, a few blocks past the big casinos on the South side of the lake, look for the traffic light and left turn onto Pioneer Trail. Then if you miss Oneidas St, just turn around when you dead-end into 89.

If you got directions in an email they also mentioned taking 267 down and turning right, but as you can see from the map below it will be much shorter to go over to 89 and then down.

There is a park entrance at the end of the street but I don't know if parking is allowed in there, so we stay on the street unless otherwise notified. This is where the ride will end. From there we will shuttle up to the trailhead, further south on 89.

Truckee to Mr. Toads

Mr. Toads detail map


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