2007 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

October 12-14 -- Santa Cruz, California
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    Sunday - Oct 14th, 2007

    (times subject to change)

    10am–1pm Muni: U-CON Trail to UCSC

    The U-CON Trail is a nice uphill single track that switches back and forth through the redwoods. Accomplished riders will be able to ride the trail without dismounting. At the top of the trail, we will be at the University of California Santa Cruz, and will proceed up to the "Lock 'Em Up" log to play around on. Beginner riders can turn around, and ride the U-CON Trail back down. Advanced riders will have a variety of single track options to ride back down to Highway 9.

    Map and Directions

    9:30am–1pm Coker: Rob’s Ride Plus

    Rob’s Ride (see Friday) has many variants that are longer and harder. This version is about 25 miles and has some amazing riding. It’s hard to describe but you are guaranteed to LOVE this ride! Not to be missed if you’re into long distance Coker rides with fun Muni sections. As a special treat, Rob himself will be with us on this ride.

    This version of Rob's Ride Plus can be done with cranks from 125mm to 170mm. 152mm is recommended and you will enjoy the ride more with cranks 140mm or longer. If you run cranks shorter than 152mm you'll really want a brake.

    Map and Directions

    2pm–5:30pm Muni/Coker: Informal trials at the Santa Cruz Jetty

    The highlight of Sunday will be a chance to ride some of the most challenging trails obstacles at the Santa Cruz Jetty. This is the location of Zack Baldwin's trails section in Defect..

    Map and Directions

    6pm–8pm Dinner: At Seabright Brewery (we will have a reservation)This dinner is NOT included in the registration cost, so please be sure to bring money!


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