2008 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

October 17-19 -- San Diego, California
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    Will it be natural, or man-made Trials?

    Though the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend is primarily a noncompetitive trail riding get-together, some competitions are fun too. We pioneered Unicycle Trials in 1998 (a crude version using only the natural terrain).

    There will be a Trials course (Saturday)


    The Trials competition, is expected to use the current IUF Trials rules which, for the most part, came directly from Kris Holm.

    IUF Rulebook

    The event will be open to anyone, and will be divided into two or three groups based on ability.

    Questions? Please let Miles or John Foss know.

    Unicycle Restrictions:
    Any unicycle can be used for Trials.

    Safety Equipment:
    For any competitions we do, the minimum requirement will be knee/shin protection, gloves/wristguards, and helmets. Anything additional is fine, and is up to you. Don't want to wear any of the above? Too bad. Your safety is our concern!

    We have been very fortunate to have gifts from:

    • Uniproshop
    • Unicycle.com
    • Kris Holm Unicycles
    • Compulsion Cycles
    • Bedford Unicycles
    • More! Your prize donations are welcome

    Prizes will be awarded/distributed on Saturday evening, to make life easier for anyone who has to head home Sunday. If we do any competition events on Sunday we'll wing it.


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