2008 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

October 17-19 -- San Diego, California
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    Beau doing a log drop
    Print it and mail it! (but not from the top of Iron Mountain)

    Registration Form
    The registration form is a PDF document. Please note there are six pages in the form (sorry about that). If you have problems using it download the latest version of the free Adobe Reader.


    1. Print all pages of the registration form (you can use front & back).
    2. Fill out the form. Be sure not to leave out anything from the waiver section. This could cause delays (for everyone) at the start of your first ride.
    3. Don't forget to sign and date.
    4. Fill out your check and mail both to the address on the form.

    Click Here For Registration Form

    Note to Minors and their parents/guardians:
    Your parent or legal guardian will have to sign and otherwise fill out the necessary parts of the waiver. If the parent/guardian is going to MUni Weekend and can meet the organizers in person, notarization is not needed. Otherwise, this information must be notarized on your registration form/waiver. Yes we know it's a hassle but there will be no exceptions Contact the Ornishes if you have any questions.

    Please mail in your registrations ASAP to help us plan. We especially need your signature on the waiver, to know what rides and activities you plan to do, and to know where you plan to stay. And your check to pay the bills. Thank you for helping the event run smoothly!


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