2009 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 25-27 -- Lake Tahoe and Downieville, California
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    Luxury accommodations for Downieville...   

    You can choose between the Johnson family home, one or more cabins we will rent nearby, or a hotel or camping on your own.

    Rental Cabin(s):
    The cabin is close to full, but a few people can't make it so there's still some space left, probably with a sleeping bag spot.

    I have booked a cabin in Truckee, very close to Northstar. Some of you stayed there in 2006. Contact me if you would like to share in the expense of the cabin, which will be considerably cheaper than a hotel room, at about $120 or less per person (total for the three nights), based on a person in each of the 14 beds. Less if we have more. We split the total cost of the rental among the group. The group experience at the cabins has always been fun, and it makes it easier to carpool to the rides.

    Cabin reservations are be first come, first served. The final cost will be determined by dividing cabin cost by the number of guests, and charging a smaller amount to anyone who doesn't get a bed. Our cabin reservation is through Sunday morning. If you need to stay somewhere Sunday night we can probably work something out.

    Johnson Home:
    Once again, the Johnson family is opening their doors for MUni enthusiasts on a budget. There are a limited number of spaces, which will fill up on a first-come, first-served basis so act fast. Your space is not reserved unless you request it. Give Lloyd Johnson a call at 530-587-4728. Let him know the number of people, which nights you will be staying, and whether you will be indoors or out (camping).

    What if I just show up?
    Bring money and prepare to be disappointed. The people who planned ahead deserve to have the hot water, so if the house and/or cabin are full, you will have a problem.

    On Your Own:
    If you don't want to sleep right next to someone who forgot to take a shower after riding all day, there are several locations to choose from in the nearby area. This site contains a convenient listing. Truckee is closest to Lloyd's house, followed by Kings Beach, Tahoe Vista, and Incline Village. The Best Western is literally down the road from Lloyd's house. There are also a Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express.

    Another great way to find accommodations at a good price is to try Priceline.com or one of the similar services. I've had great results with Priceline in the past, putting us at a real nice hotel in Japan after Unicon, and at the Venetian in Las Vegas for the regular price of some of the ordinary hotels there. If you want nice, indicate 3 or more stars, and include the North Tahoe area for more choices. To search wider, include Reno, but note this is a half hour drive from Lloyd's house.

    If you don't mind a 30-minute drive, Reno has a huge number of hotel rooms. UPDATE: Last time I looked, Reno was not cheap; apparently there is an event there during MUni Weekend driving the prices up, so your best bet may be closer to Truckee.

    Please read the registration info. and register early, or send me an email with your attendance, lodging shuttle/lift needs. We need to know how many of you are coming, and where you plan to stay!

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