2009 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 25-27 -- Lake Tahoe and Downieville, California
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  • Sunday - Sept. 27th, 2009
    Hole In The Ground Trail

    John Sprague in front of Castle Peak, 2006
    John Sprague in front of Castle Peak, 2006

    The Hole In The Ground Trail is named fir a tiny lake that's near the trail if you ride far enough in. This trail starts right at the Donner Summit, at over 7000'. From there it goes up, to an overlook at about the 1.5 mile point, with a nice view of Castle Peak. This was where most of us turned around when we rode this trail in 2006. Only Beau Hoover and Kris Holm rode the whole 12-13 miles that year. Kris described it as "Possibly the best trail I've ridden in California." So, if you have enough energy left, you can go for the whole thing.

    But, if your body or your getting-home schedule doesn't permit, Lloyd recommends an out-and-back. The ride down from the Castle Peak is really fun, and that option, at 3 miles, shouldn't take too long. We expect a large group to ride as far as the wonderful rock garden Lloyd describes, at a point that's less than halfway in. That should be a fun place to ride, and another possibility for some informal competitions or games.

    Lloyd describes the full ride as pretty grueling even on a mountain bike, at 12-13 miles with lots of big ups and downs. If you opt for the full ride you'll come out on Sherritt Lane, near the I-80 Soda Springs exit. You're going to want to have a car there, or someone to pick you up. Soda Springs is one exit down from the Donner Summit/Boreal Ridge Road, where the ride starts.

    Sunday Directions

    Here's a trail map and some good info, courtesy of "the Fish." You'll have to scroll down the left side of his framed site, then click on "Hole In The Ground Trail".

    Start time:
    9:00, along Boreal Ridge Road, just east of Castle Peak Road. That's legal parking, with a short ride up to the trailhead.

    As always, food is recommended but for Sunday it depends on how many hours you plan to spend out on the trail. As usual, there's nothing out there so you'll be on your own. Please plan ahead and be smart.


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