MUni Weekend 16

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The 2011 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend
October 7–9 in Auburn, Folsom and Colfax, California

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    AccommodationsNathan Hoover, Ben Plotkin-Swing, Jeff Groves, Jack Hughes, Gilby, Eyal Aharoni, Jagur,
    Scott Wallis and others crammed into the living room in 2003

    John and Jacquie's House:
    We hosted a big bunch of people here in 2003 and it was fun, though we couldn't all fit in the living room to see the videos on the TV! We've got that covered this year. If you'd like to stay at our house (BYOBedding), you must These will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. It will not be possible to just show up the day of; this won't be fair to the riders that planned ahead. The main limited resource is hot water.The cabin is close to full, but a few people can't make it so there's still some space left, probably with a sleeping bag spot.

    Some people will be arriving as early as Thursday evening, while others may stay until Monday morning. But both of those are work days for us, so keep that in mind.

    Alternate Low-Cost Accommodations:
    There might be additional spots available at other local homes, either those of unicyclists or other friends of ours. We'll see what develops...

    Proper Hotels/Motels:
    For those of you that prefer a real bed, there are many options in the area. I hate to say it, but many of the motels closest to my house are not the best (think hourly rates!). So if you're looking, drop me an email and I can help you decide between properties you may find on the various hotel websites.

    To be nearer the ride locations, you can stay in the Auburn or Roseville area, with a wide range of prices and generally better places. Again, I can help you out if you're shopping.

    A great low-cost option is the Sacramento Hostel. If you've stayed in hostels before, expect something different here. This 1885 mansion in downtown Sacramento is one of the highest rated—and cleanest—hostels in the country. The cool thing about that is that the cleaning there is done by people who are supported by STEP (Strategies to Empower People). Not only is that where Jacquie and I work, STEP also sponsored two teams in Ride The Lobster. Shared, dorm-type rooms are only $31 per person, including Hostels International daily membership. Private rooms are also available. The location is only a few blocks from the State Capitol, and nine miles from my house.

    The nearest airport is Sacramento International (SMF). Drive times:
    To Auburn on Friday am: about one hour
    From Stevens Trail Sunday: allow an hour and a half due to possible heavy traffic
    To/from my house: 30 minutes

    Can I get a ride from/to the airport?
    To be honest, unlikely. Though I'd love to be able to, it may not be possible as my house will be full of people at the same time. For best results, try to time your arrival with other riders. Then if you want to rent a vehicle, you can share it. Mass transit is also a possibility, though I don't know the bus routes. Sacramento has a light rail system also, but it doesn't go to the airport (yet), or particularly close to my house. I can possibly do one airport run on Thursday evening, and another on early Monday morning, but that's probably it. There may also be other drivers who can do airport runs. When MUni riders get together, we usually do a pretty good job of moving ourselves around.

    Does that mean I need a car?
    No, we usually share at these things. My car holds seven people (long as there's a truck somewhere to take some of the unicycles). Others will have room to give rides to and from the trails. Parking is finite at all three ride locations, so carpooling is always good. Contact other attendees on the MUni Weekend thread on the forums to work out ride sharing.

    Where exactly are the Trails?
    Detailed Directions pages are in the works. Until then, here's a snapshot of each:

    Please read the registration info. and register early, or send me an email with your attendance, lodging shuttle/lift needs. We need to know how many of you are coming, and where you plan to stay!

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