MUni Weekend 16

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The 2011 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend
October 7–9 in Auburn, Folsom and Colfax, California

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  • Saturday, October 8
    South Fork and Salmon Falls Trails

    Jock Young heading down the Salmon Falls Trail, 1996Jock Young heading down the Salmon Falls Trail, 1996

    Saturday Schedule - Saturday Maps/Directions

    9:00, Trailhead and Parking:
    There is plenty of parking, but most of it is not free. The free parking is on the left side of Salmon Falls Road, just before the bridge. If that's full, you can park at the other end of the bridge in either lot, but you'll have to pay the parking fee ($5.00 or less). You will get a ticket if you don't have a parking stub on your dash! There is also a much larger parking lot, about 1/4 mile before the bridge, on the left. Same parking fees.

    Our meeting spot is in the lower parking lot, which is on the right side of the road just past the bridge. The South Fork American River Trail heads out from there. This is the newest trail in the area, having just opened this year! It connects to a much older trail, that was harder to get to because the starting point for it is much more remote. Our plan is to ride this new trail to the summit, about a 300' climb. From the top there's a great view, and the trail beyond that is less challenging; more of a Coker ride. But feel free to continue; it goes on for 25 miles!

    After a fun blast back down the trail to the parking lot, we cross the road to the Salmon Falls trailhead. That was our Sunday ride at the first MUni Weekend. It's officially called the Darrington Trail, but everyone still calls it Salmon Falls, even though there are no longer any salmon, or a waterfall!

    Salmon Falls Trail:
    Both trails are good for any size wheel up to 29" Salmon Falls is also an out-and-back ride, up to 18 miles total. Riders can turn around when they feel they're ready. For the most part, it's only one trail but there are a few side trails. When in doubt, stay along the water. The trail follows the South Fork American River as it widens into Folsom Lake.

    After the ride, we can head down to Folsom and find a good lunch spot. The afternoon is free.

    6:00 Movie Night at STEP:
    STEP is Strategies to Empower People, where Jacquie and I work. STEP was a Ride The Lobster sponsor, representing my team, the Centurions, and Scott Wilton's team, Too Young To Drive. We have a classroom that's big enough to accommodate our group while we watch whatever videos people bring on the overhead projector. We can show anything a computer can put out, and I plan to have a VCR hooked up as well, for more "vintage" stuff. What would you like to see?

    Catered Dinner, Details TBD:
    We'll order in, probably pizza from a local family-owned place that's really good. Everybody who wants some chips in.


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