2000 California/Nevada Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 22-24,  Lake Tahoe
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    Though the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend is primarily a noncompetitive trail riding get-together, some competitions are fun too. This year we missed having a Trials course, but we did the two events below.

    - Singletrack time trial race
    - BMX-style time trial race

    Adventureland Singletrack Race:
    This was an event we planned for MUni Weekend '97, but didn't have due to time. Adventureland is a short singletrack trail at the bottom of the mountain, right near the lift and lodge area (and the ropes course). Riders will be timed on a ride through this trail, coming out at the end and circling back on a wide dirt road to the starting point. It's a total distance of about 1/2 to 3/4 mile. Dismounts are allowed, but no running.

    Northstar UMX Race:
    Joe and Jared Stoltzfus went to Northstar a day early, and found a tiny little BMX track right near the parking lot. We decided to have a race on that while we waited for our lift tickets to be processed and late arrivals to get registered. Fastest time around the track was the winner!

    Official Rules?
    We followed IUF racing rules in general, and made up the rest on the spot.

    Age Groups:
    Competitors were divided male/female. Then we looked at the age range of riders present and drew the "adult" line for boys at 14, putting 15 year old Jack Hughes with the adults. There were only two women competitors.

    Unicycle Restrictions:
    Make sure it only has one wheel. Okay, British MUnis with the tiny wheel under the seat are allowed as well. No motors. No restrictions on wheel size, crank arm length, or anything else.

    Safety Equipment:
    Kneepads, gloves (and/or wristguards) and helmets! Helmets are required anyway for all riders at Northstar. Though you can rent one there, you should own (and wear) one.

    Fabulous Prizes:
    As usual, our budget does not include the purchase of trophies, vacations, or cars for the winners. However John Drummond of Unicycle Source was on hand with some giveaways (swag, to use mountainbike-speak). Also, though Dan Heaton could not make it due to school, he sent two copies of his video, Universe.


    Northstar UMX Race:

    1. Julie Young (Cle Elum, WA), 1:12.19
    2. Sierra Young (Cle Elum, WA), 1:56.32

    1. Casey Drummond (Marietta, GA), 1:06.81
    2. Beau Hoover (Los Gatos, CA), 1:17.29
    3. Thad Arnold (Springfield, OR), 1:21.41

    1. John Foss (Carmichael, CA), 46.40
    2. Rob Bowman (Santa Cruz, CA), 50.37
    3. Jeremy Shafer (Berkeley, CA), 51.09
    4. Chris Reeder (Moscow, ID), 51.52
    5. Jack Hughes (Shelton, WA), 54.19

    Adventureland Singletrack Race:

    1. Julie Young (Cle Elum, WA), 1:59.19
    2. Sierra Young (Cle Elum, WA), 2:39.81

    1. Casey Drummond (Marietta, GA), 1:56.67
    2. Thad Arnold (Springfield, OR), 2:20.28
    3. Jared Stoltzfus (Hailey, ID), 2:57.80


    1. John Foss (Carmichael, CA), 1:36.14
    2. Joe Stoltzfus (Hailey, ID), 1:49.18
    3. Rob Bowman (Santa Cruz, CA), 1:51.07
    4. John Drummond (Marietta, GA), 2:00.81
    5. John Childs (Bellevue, WA), 2:07.00
    6. Luke Arnold (Springfield, OR), 2:07.49

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