2000 California/Nevada Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 22-24,  Lake Tahoe
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    When: September 22 - 24

    Where: Mr. Toads Wild Ride on Friday, Northstar At Tahoe on Saturday, and the Tahoe Flume Trail on Sunday. Northstar at Tahoe is north of Lake Tahoe, on route 267 about 5 miles south of the town of Truckee. The Flume Trail follows the Northeastern shore of the lake.
    See the Maps Page

    Friday, September 22: We will start the ride with a delicious (none of us has ever been there) breakfast at Frank's Restaurant: 1207 Hwy. 50 (At the "Y"), South Lake Tahoe. (530) 544-3434, See a menu and map at tahoemenus.com. We'll meet at 9am, eat, then drive a short distance to the bottom of the ride where we consolidate cars for the shuttle after the ride. The ride will last approximately from 11:30 to 5:30, so bring PLENTY of water, food & repair equipment. Make sure your unicycle is in TOP working order - this ride eats unicycles. Last but not least: helmet, arm/leg armor, gloves or wrist protectors, more than just a good idea for this ride. See some pictures from our ride there in June, 2000 .

    Saturday, September 23: We will meet at the Northstar At Tahoe Mountain Bike Park (about a 2 hour drive from Sacramento). It's a famous ski resort in the winter, and an awesome mountain bike park in the summer. The best part; ski lifts to take us uphill! There will be organized group rides for both novice and experts, as well as workshops on rough terrain riding, and competitive events.

    Sunday, September 24: After breakfast, we will drive to the Ponderosa Ranch vicinity to consolidate our car shuttle, then to Spooner Lake. The ride is 14.5 miles with 600' of climbing. That doesn't sound like much but it adds up fast at that altitude. If you're not up to that ride, alternate ride info. will be provided, or you can play tourist at the Ponderosa Ranch or elsewhere around Lake Tahoe.

    Up there: Come ride with us on the mountains, more than a mile above sea level. The actual altitudes at Northstar are about 6300' at the base, 8000' at the top of the highest operating lift, and 8600' if you choose to ride to the top. The surface of Lake Tahoe is also over a mile above sea level, and you'll have a nice view of the Lake from some of the trails.

    Amenities: One of the advantages of riding at a mountain resort is the fact that there will be a cafe, bike shop, and other shops right at the bottom of the lifts. This also means rest rooms and running water! Riders who get tuckered out can sit and sip a cappuccino while the rest of us get sweaty and dirty. They can also take advantage of some of the alternative activities available.

    Alternate activities: Riders who aren't up for two entire days of mountain unicycling can also check out some of Northstar's other activities. Choose from tennis, swimming, horseback riding, a climbing wall, and of course shopping. There is also hiking, but you're supposed to be tired, aren't you? Oh and don't forget, you can also rent a front suspension mountain bike ($30 or less) for a completely different experience. Don't tell everyone, but you can go really fast, and you hardly have to pedal at all! It's more dangerous than unicycling, though.

    Northstar info: Call 1-800-GO NORTH
    E-mail: northstar@boothcreek.com
    Web: www.skinorthstar.com

    What to Bring:
    This may be an unfamiliar environment for some. Saturday's riding will be between 6000 and 8000' altitude. The weather will likely be dry, but may be hot.


    • Helmet. Northstar requires it, and it's a good idea for MUni riding anyway.
    • Water. You can attach water bottles to your belt, get a Camelbak, or carry a thermos, but we will require all riders to carry water (or sports drink).
    • If you want to race, kneepads and gloves (or wristguards) are required. They're highly recommended otherwise for the rest of your riding.
    Useful items that you should bring:
    • Your best MUni. A large, wide, knobby tire is best here.
    • Tools, a patch kit or spare tube, and a small pump if you have them.
    • Sunscreen. You burn faster at high altitudes.
    • Aspirin (I believe, not ibuprofen or Tylenol) helps thin your blood to cope with the altitude.
    • A complete change of clothes. I cannot overstate the fact that you will get dirty on Northstar's trails. Bring a completely second set of everything!
    • Warm clothes for the morning and evening.
    What to Wear:
    If you are doing things right, you will get both sweaty and dirty. At Northstar, getting dirty is guaranteed due to the powdery dirt there. Rain is possible, and weather conditions change fast in the mountain environment. It will be chilly in the morning, warm or hot during the day, and chilly again as the sun goes down, so dress accordingly. Make sure you bring a complete change of clothes both days, including shoes and especially socks.
    • Helmet. This will be required for all registered riders.
    • Kneepads. Required for the races, recommended for all other riding.
    • Gloves and/or wristguards. Required for the races, recommended for all other riding.
    • Cycling shorts
    • Good riding shoes and/or hiking boots.
    • Warm clothes for the mornings and evenings, where temperatures may be in the 40's or lower (it will warm up nicely during the day).
    • A smile!

    This year the registration fee is $25, which will cover lifts at Northstar, and lunch that day. You will be on your own for other meals and expenses.
    Please print out a copy of the registration form and mail it with your signed release form and check. The funds are needed in advance to pay for the cabins and shirts, and to prepay for our activities at Northstar.

    These are going to be collectors' items! You can order them even if you're not coming! See the T-shirts page to find out more.

    Cabins & Hotels:
    We will be renting a nice cabin in Incline Village. Otherwise you can stay in a hotel or motel in that town, or Kings Beach, or even in Reno. First-come, first-served on the cabins!

    You Will Ride at Your Own Risk:
    Before riding with us, you will be asked to sign a release form that states in detail that you and you alone are responsible for what happens to you while participating in this informal event. There is danger of falling down and skinning your knee, falling down and landing in a patch of star thistle (ouch!), or falling off the trail and not landing for a long time. You may also drop your unicycle into a place where only a helicopter can get it out. There is the potential for broken bones and more serious injury. We want you to know this before you come, because John Foss, the Gold Country Unicyclists, Northstar at Tahoe, Counties of Nevada, Placer and Washoe, and the States of California and Nevada will not be responsible for you.


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