1996 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

October 5, Auburn State Recreation Area -- October 6, Salmon Falls Trail
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    Jock Young on red dirt Jock Young prepares to make the descent from the high point at the beginning of the trail, which follows the American River South Fork toward Folsom Lake and the Peninsula Campground. The red dirt really shows up on your clothes if you take a tumble! Attached to Jock's back are three large water bottles.

    Brett with bulging calves Brett Bymaster, "the Gazelle," heading up the beginning of the Salmon Falls Trail. He's 6', 4" and no thickness at all. Notice he's wearing kneepads. He was not Bloodman that day. He's also wearing a 70 ounce Camelbak drinking system. The second day of the MUni Weekend was warmer than the first!

    Julia and Jonathan Young
    Jonathan and Julie Young heading down a steep but shady section of trail that skirts the edge of the lake. All three of the Youngs were un-stoppable.

    Jock on the rocks
    Here's Jock Young negotiating a washout filled with sharp rocks, which is followed by a short but steep bank with more rocks, and some roots too. George Peck, Brett Bymaster and Doug Borngasser are urging him on.

    Brett and George Peck not tired!
    The long hot ride was finally over, but Brett and George couldn't get enough. It was all we could do to keep them from riding across Folsom Lake and back to Auburn!

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