1998 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

October 17 & 18, 1998, Auburn State Recreation Area and Sly Park
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    Sunday's pictures actually start on Saturday night, at my house. My house in Folsom had ample floor space in the living and family rooms for 13 unicyclists to sleep! We watched videos, looked at pictures (duh), and compared unicycles. Mostly we showered and ran the washer & dryer.

    Sunday morning we all met at Sly Park in Pollock Pines, halfway up to Lake Tahoe from Folsom. Experts rode all the way around the lake while novices had plenty of trail to play on, and a camping/picnic area to relax in. Then after lunch we gathered for the first-ever MUni Trials competition.

    Paper Towel Man
    Some unicyclists are easily amused. Gonzo rider David Poznanter, totally in character, could not stop laughing when he noticed my paper towel dispenser. Bruce Bundy thought it was funny too. Good thing I didn't also have Toilet Paper Man installed in the bathroom...
      The Dorm
    Thirteen people slept at my house on Saturday night. Fortunately there was plenty of floor space! Those who weren't "two tired" watched videos and stayed up a little late. Geoffrey Faraghan (sitting) and Kris Holm (kneeling) are trying to figure out why Kris' new axle had an apparent suspension feature. Tiffany Dibble is checking out the guys in the next picture.
        Class is in session
    The assembled group watches master rough terrain rider George Peck tackle an especially difficult section of Sunday morning's trail near the picnic areas at Sly Park.
        Mega roots
    On the first section of the lake trail, we rode just above these amazing roots. At some spots, the trail was only 6" wide, with eroded gaps and spots that required jumping over.
        Those dam riders
    A small piece of the trail around Jenkinson lake was on pavement. As you can see the lake is man-made, capped by a dam at the end. About 25 riders, the self-proclaimed experts, continued on this part of the ride, meaning they planned to complete the circle around the lake.
      "Advanced Bicycle Trail"
    This sign greets riders as they leave the pavement and head into the woods on the far side of the lake from the campgrounds. Don't get the wrong idea, it's a bicycle and equestrian trail too. At some points the trails are separate, at others joined together.
        Kris Holm, log man
    Looks like I'm not the only one dumb enough to bring a camera on the trails as Geoff Faraghan and George Peck also lined up to get pictures of Canadian Kris Holm on this long log. After seeing the North Shore Extreme II video, showing where Kris rides back in Vancouver, this must be a piece of cake for him!
      Scot Cooper, giraffe man
    The first MUni giraffe I've seen, it was actually very capable on the trails! Scot Cooper of Danville was able to ride it over almost everything, though this hill proved to be too much for nearly everyone to ride up.
        Waterfall group
    The waterfall feeds the lake from the end opposite the dams. It comes out of a half mile long pipe, which was built by the Bureau of Reclamation in the 50s. Back row: Daniel Hopkins (Head Shok uni), Nathan Hoover (Bundy uni), Geoffrey Faraghan (Telford uni), Dan Heaton, John Dibble, Jock Young, Scott Arnold. Front: George Peck (monster truck uni), John Childs (Pashley), Christopher Peck (another monster truck), Kris Holm (custom job), Ted Howe (another Pashley), John D. Miller (who donated a Pashley), and a Roger Davies Carbon MUni belonging to me (behind the camera as usual).
      Nice scenery
    The trail around Jenkinson Lake is a beautiful ride on a bicycle or a unicycle. This is Kris Holm rounding a bend in the last section of the trail.
        First Wheel Dippers
    Julie and Sierra Young were the first competitors in the first-ever MUni Observed Trials competition. The object was to ride down to the lake, get the tire wet, and return with the least amount of dismounts. Julie and Sierra were the only ladies who participated.
        Julie coming up
    Unfortunately Sierra exceeded the maximum number of dismounts (20), so Julie was the only finisher. The hard part was on the ride up getting through this rocky section. She made it with a total of 7 dabs (dismounts).

    Bruce Bundy on the rocks
    Bruce is the Trailmeister for the 1999 MUni Weekend, to be held in his town of Santa Cruz. That means he's determining the routes and locations we will all enjoy, including a much more challenging and different trials event. He came in second here, with a score of 1 dab. The two cones in the background were the start/finish line. The men's winner was Kris Holm from Vancouver, with a score of zero!

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