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Numbers in the left column correspond with the Notes column on the Model Car List.
27 Corgi TY910xx were bought from High Speed, I think
28 Jouef started in France but they changed the name to Eagle Collectibles, Eagle's Race, etc, now they are by Universl Hobbies
30 Dicky makes models by other names.  But these were made by Welly.
31 Darda does not make diecast model cars.  They probably buy them from High Speed.
32 In countries that have a Value Added Tax (VAT) they permit the addition of a toy or other object to a magazine or booklet with no additional tax.  Edicola is a Publisher.  It is similer to a sales tax but not the same.
34 Flectcher-Barnhardt, & White, Inc. sounds like three lawyers wanting to make some model cars.  They were problably made in China
36 Bob Foose is a stylist and custumizer.  These are some of hie designs.
37 Missing rear spare.
38 Heller is a French company that makes plastic kits.  Some are 1/43 scale model cars.  Unpainted.
40 These Hummers were given away by Hummer dealer for free.  I think there were eight but I am missing no. 3.
41 King Star
42 Kinsmart are mostly "Pull-Back" power.  Scale is not always 1/43
43 K-Line used to make toy trains.  Never toy cars.  These cars were made by Hongwell and others.
44 I think these were another name for Jouef, etc.  See note 28
45 I only have one Lexani.  I know little about them.
46 Lucky Plan.  I only have about two.  The other one came in a box with four names on it: Lucky Plan, etc.
48 Not to be confused with Luxury Collectibles, they cost much more.
49 The older Maisto close to 1/43 scale were mostly larger than 1/43 with Pull-Back motors.  Since they bought Bburago, the 1/43 scale models are called Bburago and the larger cars are called Power Racers, (P-R), or P-B for Pull-Back
52 Maisto Spl Ed, and Urban are 1/43 and are now called Bbruago
53 Malibu are very good models but I know very little about them.  Some people say the name is owned by Walmart
54 These Matchbox are mostly Lesteryear series.  Often larger than 1/43 scale
55 Modifiers are kits.  Great play value, but I don't think I built them all.
60 MotorArt is a Swedish company that buys most (if not all) from Honwell
61 Motormax are nice models but also toys.  At Toys-R-Us they are sold under the Toys-R-Us name, "Fast Lane".
64 NewRay started out with an Open Top series.  All cars were open: roadsters, convertibles, etc.  Now they are making other body styles.
66 I used to buy the early plastic Norevs for $0.59.  Now they cost a lot more.  They no longer make toys.
68 Plasticville were made for railroad layouts.  Not great toys or models 
73 Rail King was a toy train maker.  They did not make toy cars, this is by Hongwell
76 Red Box was the fisrt name they used but it only lasted about one year.  Then they changed the name to MotorMax.
83 Schuco used to be made in Greamany, but now they are probaby made in China. Schuco Junior were made by
84 Hohgwell.
85 Schylling is having old toys remade probably in China to sell in the USA.  Sometimes they are close to 1/43 scale.
86 Secuda is larger than 1/43 and I only have one.  I know nothing more.
87 Signature does not make anything in 1/43 scale.  But if you want a lot of cars from all ages and all countries. They have a little of everything.
89 Sing Sui Tai Cheong is a new brand in China.  Some of their models are from other companies.
90 Solido is one of my favorite companies.  Their 100 serise was right on 1/43 scale and of great quality.
92 Sun Star bought most of the Viteese model dies and is still making many of them.
93 Super Slicks are kits.  Pre-painted but not asembled.
94 Tins' Toys are mostly Pull-Back powered and seldom 1/43 scale.  But nice models.
95 I do not remember what this is.  I will have to find it first.
96 Top Model makes very good models at a top price.
99 UT used to work with Minichamps but not now.
100 Vanguards were started by Lledo but were sold to Corgi.  All are 1/43 scale.
101 Vidal again I do not remember anything
102 Volvo does not make toy cars but these are sold at Volvo dealers.  I think they are made for MotorArt by Hongwell.
104 Welly made a lot of Pull-Back models, most of which are larger than 1/43.  Now they make many models in 1/43 scale.
106 I know very little about WL. Not even the name. But I saw a Red Flag(?) open limo in the Shanghi airport about three years ago for only $15 US. But there was no room in my luggage!
108 Yat Ming just went out of business.  They made lots of great models in 1/43 scale including Fire Engines.
110 Yonezawa made many models in diecast but this one is "tin".  Probably no tin, just thin steel.