Kangaroo Unicycles

A kangaroo unicycle has both crank arms facing in the same direction. When ridden, it looks like a kangaroo or rabbit in action. Learn to ride one foot before tackling the kangaroo.

This unicycle is not only a kangaroo, it's also an eccentric. Riding a kangaroo unicycle is kind of like riding with one foot, because you have very little control as your feet go over the top of the pedal stroke. On this one, you are lifting yourself upward as you push the pedals down, and as the pedals come up in the back, you're effectively riding downhill! This cycle was brought to UNICON VIII by Jochen Loeffelmann of Germany. A normal kangaroo is easy to make from a regular unicycle with cotterless crank arms. Just take one crank arm off and put it back on the wrong way!

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