Mountain Unicycles (MUni)

These are the tough and dirty members of the unicycle species. Designed for riding off road, their riders take them on dirt, rocks, ice, sand, grass and even piles of telephone poles!

Carbon fiber unicycles built by of Stockton, England. At left is Roger's unicycle, poised to start the MUni/Orienteering race at UNICON VIII in Guildford. The two on the right belong to Constance and Andy Cotter of the Twin Cities Unicycle Club, Minnesota. They were about to take part in the first California MUni Weekend on October 5, 1996.

This "Monster Truck" belongs to George Peck of Seward, Alaska. It has a 7/8" titanium axle, massive crank arms about 6 3/4" in length, and super grippy bear trap pedals. It also has an elastomer seat post, gel saddle, custom aluminum frame, a wide and very knobby tire, and many other droolable features! George is a pioneer of what he likes to call Rough Terrain Unicycling, and rides over just about anything you can put in front of him.

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