1996 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

October 5, Auburn State Recreation Area -- October 6, Salmon Falls Trail
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    These pictures are in chronological order, except the one Above. In it, Dennis Kathrens waves (and makes the obligatory whooping echo noises) as he rides from the blazing sun into the blackness of the Foresthill Road culvert. This section is called the Culvert Trail.

    Craig Milo Rogers also has a web page with MUni Weekend '96 pictures at http://democracy.isi.edu/staff/rogers/uni/ca-muni96/

    Group photo before starting
    October 5, the first day. 35 people gathered to ride the trails. A few were on bicycles, but they were support riders and friends. The big Foresthill Bridge looms in the background.

    Carbon Fiber unicycles
    Carbon fiber unicycles, built by Roger Davies who came all the way from England to ride with us. These two belong to Constance and Andy Cotter

    George Peck's monster truck uni
    This unicycle was dubbed the "Monster Truck" by the other unicyclists, and of course it belongs to George Peck of Seward, Alaska. It has a 7/8" titanium axle, massive crank arms about 6 3/4" in length, and super grippy bear trap pedals. It also has an elastomer seat post, gel saddle, custom aluminum frame, a wide and very knobby tire, and many other features for the MUni enthusiast to drool over!

    Workshop on the Stagecoach Trail
    The off road riding workshop was a collaborative effort between Roger Davies and George Peck, with some help from Brett Bymaster, John Foss and others. The big issue seemed to center around how to mount uphill. Many different methods were attempted and demonstrated.

    Uphill speed race Jenni White from Pasadena, CA sprawls about halfway up the hill in our Uphill Speed contest. The bridge in the background looks big here, but sure looks tiny when viewed from the BIG bridge!

    Expert Trail toward the big bridge
    The Expert group takes off on their way up the Clementine Loop. It's a long way down to the river, and getting longer! They are about to be passing under the big Foresthill Bridge, which you can't see here.

    Jock Young retrieving his unicycle Jock Young from Cle Elum, Washington was not the first rider to lose his unicycle off the side of the cliff; he was just the first one to be caught on film. Fortunately, nobody's unicycle fell very far . . . .

    Novice riders on the Quarry Road Trail
    Photo by Craig Milo Rogers. The Novice group heading along the Quarry Road Trail, with ride guides Gary Bundesen and Erin McGrath on bikes.

    Paul Bunson hanging around Things not to do: Trying to jump your unicycle over a tree. Paul Bunson from Eugene, Oregon showing us a unique way of relaxing after more than 1000 vertical feet of uphill riding. This was near the high point in the morning's trail.

    Cooling off after the ride
    Cooling down in the river after the morning's ride, Andy and Constance Cotter, Jim Hahn from San Diego, Dana Schneider from Columbia Heights, Minnesota and Paul Bunson. The cool and clean water was a sweet reward after riding nearly 10 miles in mid-90's temperatures!

    Afternoon ride down the Stagecoach Trail

    Vanfull of MUnis John Foss' Caravan full of MUnicycles. All those dirt covered, 24 and 26 inch wheels were being readied for the afternoon's ride down the Stagecoach trail.

    George Peck down the wall This is George Peck, showing us how it's done on the section of trail we said he couldn't ride. He did this very steep section of loose dirt on the first try. He didn't seem to understand what all the fuss was about! Maybe next time we'll see if he can ride up it . . .

    Paul Bunson frog jump At the bottom of that steep section there was a little stream with this luxurious bridge. Paul Bunson lost it on the bump up, and the camera caught him just before his amazing "frog jump" to the far edge of the stream, which left his unicycle to fall, seat down, in the stagnant water.

    Stagecoach group shot
    Experts and Novices gather at the convergence of the two parts of the Stagecoach Trail. Woody Hooten of Granite Bay, California is taking a much-needed breather in the foreground. In the background you can just make out the Foresthill Bridge. Notice we're still quite a ways up! John Hooten photo.

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