2004 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 17–19,  Lake Tahoe
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    Jess Riegel on Northstar toys    

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    Though the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend is primarily a noncompetitive trail riding get-together, some competitions are fun too. We pioneered Unicycle Trials in 1998 (a crude version using only the natural terrain). This year we introduce another new event, Street Freestyle. Street for short. We will also have a Trials comp, using the latest rules.

    - Street Freestyle
    - Trials
    - Possibly a race or other fun event(s) at Northstar


    Street Freestyle:
    This event is currently under development. See (join) the newsgroup discussion. Here is what we have so far:

    - The name of the event is Street Freestyle, for the moment, which we will mostly refer to as Street.
    - The basic idea of Street is to take the existing Open-X event, used by the USA and IUF, and move it outside where plastic pedals are no longer required, and a set of obstacles can be used by all competitors.
    - Riders will use a flat riding area and the various obstacles to set up various skills, moves, transitions, and whatever they think of to make an interesting, difficult, entertaining, and original performance.
    - Unlike Trials, the object will not be to simply ride on the various obstacles, but to use them as props to set up interesting moves, or as a base to do tricks.
    - Any type and any number of unicycles can be used.
    - Background music will be played, but music and costume will not be judged. Competitors are invited to bring their music on CD.
    - Performances will be judged on difficulty, mastery, originality, variety, style, and other elements (similar to Open-X).
    - Time limit will probably be 3 minutes for the finals, and 2 minutes if preliminary rounds are held.
    - The performing area will be Lloyd Johnson's driveway, with a set of Trials-type props to ride on. Details about these props will be posted as soon as available, but this may take until Sept. 7 or later.
    - Age groups, if any, will be chosen based on the number and age of the registered competitors. I hope to be able to include a female category. For me this means at least two females!
    - Helmets will be required.

    Questions? Please let me know.

    The Trials competition, if held, is expected to use the latest version of Unicycle Trials rules recommended by Kris Holm. If not, the current IUF Trials rules will be used.

    Unicycle Restrictions:
    Make sure it only has one wheel. No restrictions on wheel size, crank arm length, or anything else.

    Safety Equipment:
    Please note that to ride at Northstar, on a bike or unicycle, you must wear a helmet. For Trials, Kneepads, gloves (and/or wristguards) and helmets are required. For the Street competition, so far we are requiring helmets only, and the rest is up to you.

    Fabulous Prizes:
    As usual, our budget does not include the purchase of trophies, vacations, or cars for the winners. However I am inviting Unicycle.com, Bedford Unicycles, George Barnes and Steve Howard to shower upon us whatever schwag they can. Attendees are also welcome to donate items to give as prizes. If not any of this, I still have some cool stuff to give away, though I'm out of tape decks. How about an Iomega Zip Drive? Better yet a pair of greasy old pedals?

    Prizes will be awarded/distributed at our Sunday dinner event. Sorry it's on Sunday, but so are our competition events.

    We will post the competition results after MUni Weekend is over.


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