2004 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 17–19,  Lake Tahoe
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    Zack Baldwin, airborne over Tahoe    

    When: September 17–19

    Where: Northstar on Friday. A section of the Tahoe Rim Trail on Saturday. Lloyds Trail, as well as Trials and Street Freestyle competition on Sunday. Group dinner and awards on Sunday. Truth in advertising: The section of the Rim Trail we will ride is actually in Nevada, near Incline Village.

    If you haven't already registered, please print out a registration form and have it filled in. I will try to collect as many of these as possible on Thursday evening, with payment, so we don't have to wait around on Friday morning.

    Scot Cooper and I are arranging two cabins to share in the Truckee/north Tahoe area. Also, Lloyd Johnson may still have floor space at his house and outbuildings in Truckee. Space in his yard is also available for campers. Beyond this, check here for hotels/motels in the area.

    Eric Pearson (Catboy on the newsgroup) has opened up his house in the Reno area. He is already full. Thanks, Catboy!

    We are planning the first ever Street Freestyle (Street) competition. Rules will be posted as soon as I figure them out. There will also be a Trials competition, using the latest set of rules from Kris Holm. Other events/games are possible, but none are planned yet.

    Group Dinner/Evening Events:
    There will be prizes from our sponsors, awards to give out at our group dinner on Sunday evening at the Cottonwood Restaurant in Truckee. It will cost $20 per person. We will also try to set up a video night on Friday or Saturday, at whichever house/cabin has the best TV and space.

    Lake Tahoe:
    Lake Tahoe is an alpine lake, nestled in the angle formed by the borders of California and Nevada. The border between the states passes through the lake, with the corner somewhere out in the water. An alpine lake is one at a high altitude. Tahoe is the highest lake of its size in the United States, with its surface at 6229' above sea level. It is also the third deepest lake in the country at 1645'. This still puts the bottom of the lake more than 3380' higher than the top of the Foresthill Bridge in Auburn, just 70 miles down the road. That's the highest bridge in California. The Foresthill Bridge is famous for base jumping, which is parachuting from the top! Also famous as background in many pictures from past MUni Weekends.

    More Lake Tahoe facts

    Check this link for Truckee/Tahoe weather on various dates. The nights will be cold and mornings will be very cool. Be prepared!

    Details about the rides to follow.

    What to Bring to a MUni Weekend:
    You will be riding at altitudes of up to around 9000'. The whole Tahoe area is more than a mile above sea level. This means sunscreen if the sun's out! The air is dry, though it may rain. There hasn't been any rain in a very long time, so fire danger is high and the ground is very dry. Expect it to get very cold at night, and warm up swiftly during the day. You may need layers for the rides though, so think ahead. If the weather stays nice it could be hot in the afternoons, but the forecast says otherwise. Snow is not out of the question, though is not predicted. Remember to keep the high altitude and cold in mind when planning and packing.


    • Helmet. They will be required for all riding at Northstar, and anything we call a competition or a game for prizes. You're on your own for the other group rides, but helmets and other safety gear are highly recommended.
    • Water. You can attach water bottles to your belt, get a Camelbak, or carry a thermos, but all riders should carry their own water on long rides.
    • If you want to participate in the competitions, kneepads and gloves (or wristguards) are required in addition to the helmet. For the rest of your riding they're highly recommended.
    Useful items that you should bring:
    • Unicycle(s)
    • Tools, a patch kit or spare tube, and a small pump if you have them.
    • Sunscreen. You burn faster at high altitudes especially.
    • Layers. It might be 45 degrees at the start of the ride, and 75 a few hours later.
    • Cell phone. You may not have coverage everywhere, but we got strong signals on the Tahoe Rim. It could be a lifesaver.
    What to Wear:
    The early forecast says temperatures will dip into the 20s at night. Dress warm for after-hours! Remember, weather conditions change fast in the mountains, so be prepared. Check local weather forecasts to get an idea of temperatures. It will likely start off pretty cool so you might need layers. As of Tuesday there was a 30% chance of rain for Saturday and Sunday. Snow is not out of the question but is not predicted.

    Getting There:
    Lake Tahoe is located along Interstate 80 and US Highway 50. The nearest airport is Reno, about 1 hour away, or Sacramento, about 2.5 hours away.


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