MUni Weekend 16

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The 2011 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend
October 7–9 in Auburn, Folsom and Colfax, California

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  • Attendees at the first-ever MUni Weekend in 1996 included George Peck and Roger Davies
    Attendees at the first-ever MUni Weekend in 1996 included George Peck and Roger Davies


      It will make things easier for everyone, especially those driving out from the Bay area. Everything pushes back one hour.
    • MUNI WEEKEND 1996 (new album!)
      Sorry, but we didn't get enough orders in time, so if you ordered T-shirts you will receive a refund when you get here. Just keep going to unicycle events and, I promise you, you'll have plenty of T-shirts! There were no T-shirts at the first MUni Weekend, so it adds to the nostalgia!
      Due to a potentially overlapping event on Oct. 8, I'm moving the Auburn riding to Friday, Salmon Falls to Saturday and the Stevens Trail to Sunday. The overlapping event is the Tevis Cup Race, which is an insane 100-mile horse race from Lake Tahoe down to Auburn. While the race course isn't on the trails we will ride, the parking situation could become unworkable. Better to have the place (almost) to ourselves on Friday!

    FRIDAY OCT. 7:
    Where it all started, the trails of Auburn. We'll start with the Confluence UPhill race, which we did in '96, '97 and '98, and a possible river rock Trials event. Then we will take a new approach to the famous Clementine Loop, including the Foresthill Divide Connector Trail. For riders that want more, there's a possible afternoon visit to the decomposed granite along the shores of Folsom Lake.

    A taste of the new South Fork American River Trail, followed by 1997's Sunday ride, the Salmon Falls Trail along Folsom Lake.

    SUNDAY OCT. 9:
    Stevens Trail, in Colfax. Experienced and careful riders only! This trail is narrow with steep and long dropoffs. This was where we invented the term "cliffside retrieval."

    Accommodation Info
    Jacquie and I are opening up our home on a first come, first served basis. to book some floor space! Hot water is limited, so we must also limit the number of spots. We have a pool, and a bunch of one-wheeled toys in the garage, and people will gather there after the rides. We also plan a video night at STEP (a Ride The Lobster sponsor), which is about 1.5 miles away. That event will also have some sort of catered dinner.

    What to Expect:
    If you're up for the challenge, you'll have the option of riding long, hard, awesome trails on all three days! Be advised that most of these rides are in remote areas with little to no services. Think ahead and be prepared! After safety gear, the next most important thing to have is water and food. It's an absolute must on longer rides. After that is tools & patches. You can walk out without tools, but not without food!

    Don't let the October part fool you. It will be dry, and could get very hot. We had temps in the mid-90s at the first MUni Weekend, which was also in October. But this summer has trended well below seasonal averages... In any case, you will need water and sunscreen.


    • Helmet. They're required by our insurance, for all organized riding or competitions. Hand/wrist and knee/shin protection is also highly recommended.
    • Food to bring on the rides. If the schedule calls for it, there may be lunch along the trail, or we may just do late lunches afterward. In either case, you should always have some fuel with you.
    • Money. Not sure what for yet, but there's always something (besides the obvious stuff like food)...
    • A variety of clothing. The temperatures should be warm, may be hot, but could be chilly as well. Rain is highly unlikely.
    • Tools, patches, spares. You'll be riding on remote trails with sharp rocks. You don't want to have to walk out!
    • If you are under 18, you MUST have a parent or guardian sign your waiver and have it notarized, as well as having a responsible adult with you in the area.

    Useful items that you should bring:

    • Unicycle(s). A 24/26" is recommended for most of these trails, though a 29" will also if that's your preferred size. Technical areas on all rides. If you only have a 20" and you're fit, you'll be fine too.
    • Cell phone. Optional but a good idea, assuming there is coverage. There generally is on these trails, depending on your carrier.
    • Fun stuff! Bring anything cool that you want to share with people. We might end up doing an electronic slide show with computer and projector. Photos, digital videos and DVDs will be welcome for that.


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