2006 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 22–24 -- Downieville, Lake Tahoe
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    Competition time!   

    Optional ride on Hole In The Ground Trail:
    Lloyd recommends an approximately 3-mile out-and-back. The full trail is pretty grueling even on a mountain bike, at 12 miles long with lots of big ups and downs. The full ride is not recommended! Even if you are very fit it may overlap into our Trials competition. Lloyd recommendation is to ride out to the high point of the trail, which provides nice scenery and a nice downhill ride back the way you came. Going further would involve major uphill backtracking. Better to have a nice, light ride after Downieville. Here's a trail map from "the Fish."

    Start time:
    9:00 at the Boreal Ski Resort parking lot. Or skip this ride to help design/build the Trials course.

    Ride specs:
    Distance - Recommended out-and-back of about 3 miles. Full trail is about 12 miles with lots of high-altitude climbing.
    Climbing - Yes, to a summit area that should have great views, then back down
    Difficulty level - I don't know but it's short. I have not been on this trail but I've heard of it from mountain bikers.
    Poison oak? - Highly unlikely if not impossible at that elevation. Bears and rattlesnakes are possible, but sightings are rare.

    The fund-raiser at Donner (see below) should have $3 hamburgers, or find something in town. The morning and lunch hours will probably also be used for building the Trials course.

    Bikes, Brews and Bands Fund-Raiser:
    We are joining in with a fundraiser for a local athlete who became paralyzed. They are providing us a venue (including insurance), Donner Ski Ranch! National-level bike Trials competitions have been held here, and now it will see unicycles!

    This event is a benefit for 19-year old Kyler Smith, who suffered a C6 neck fracture while snowboarding. He is permanently disabled from his chest down. Kyler enjoyed snowboarding, skiing skateboarding, dirtbike riding and disc golf. We will be asked to contribute. The same sort of thing could happen to us out on the trails or rocks.

    There will be talks by some famous athletes, and our schedule might be modified to fit in with them. Otherwise, we will be doing a Trials competition starting some time after noon. We also hope to fit in a Street competition but it will depend on factors that are not yet known. Competitions will be run according to IUF rules in general, with possible updates as we will have Trials-rules-author Kris Holm with us. This event is open to anybody, and should be fun for all, as well as entertaining for the general crowd. There may be up to two or three divisions based on level of Trials ability.

    Exhibition/Show Thingie:
    The folks at Donner Ski Ranch have asked us to do some entertaining as well. Again, we will play this by ear, but I think it might be fun to put together some kind of show, using the talents of our interesting crowd of people. If you can, bring your BC wheels, juggling props, or whatever you're good at, and we'll have us a true Public Show!

    Dinner Has Been Moved Back to Original Location!
    In the interest of not interfering with the fundraiser, we have moved our dinner back to Truckee River Regional Park. There will be nominal BBQ-type food provided for registered participants. If you are not registered you will be asked to chip in a nominal amount that is TBD, as we've lost money on these things in the past!

    Pot Luck:
    Everyone is encouraged to also bring a dish or beverage that they'd like to share. This can be anything you like, though I hope we don't end up with too much of any one thing. We'll try to bring everyone up to speed on this on Friday so we can coordinate ourselves in the effort. That includes stuff the put on the BBQ as well!

    Awards and Sponsor Giveaways:
    We will do competition awards, followed by the big schwag give-out (all the remaining stuff from our sponsors!) after dinner. There is also the possibility of an outdoor screening of some videos if all the necessary ingredients can be brought together (including cooperative weather). It will be chilly by the time the sun goes down. Dress warm!

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