2006 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 22–24 -- Downieville, Lake Tahoe
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    Mr. Toads Wild Ride at MUni Weekend 2000   

    Mr. Toads Wild Ride. This change is being made at the last minute so there won't be much detail here.

    Start time:
    Probably 9:00 at the bottom of the trail (Oneidas St.) but TBA. Allow about an hour to get down there. Then we shuttle up to the trailhead.

    Be prepared:
    You will be riding in a wilderness area, with no water, food or services. Put on some sunscreen. The high altitude makes it easier to burn. Bring your pads, helmet, and tools. Nothing like being stuck out there without that little 5/16" allen wrench your frame's maker decided to make you carry. If you break things a lot, bring some tape. It will be cold in the morning, but may warm up real nice. Bring lunch and plenty of water!

    Getting there:
    See this page for directions.

    Ride specs:
    Distance - About 13 miles
    Climbing - About 1700'! Call it a hike.
    Descent - Roughly 2200'.
    Difficulty level - Technical sections (the wild ride part), but plenty of rolling as well. Plus a bunch of hiking at the beginning unless you're in amazingly good shape! But it's worth the climb.
    Poison oak? - Possibly. And we saw a bear along the trail in 2000.

    Bring it. You are on your own up there!

    End of the trail:
    The ride finishes with several miles of rolling singletrack which is also used by dirt bikes. There may be some intersections so we should stay together. Eventually we come out onto a dirt road, which you turn left on to come out at the end of Oneidas St.

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