2006 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 22–24 -- Downieville, Lake Tahoe
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    What time was I supposed to be here? (Ryan Atkins on Downieville Trail, 2004)   

    All times are subject to change. NOTE: They did! What was the Sunday ride is now the Friday ride. The new Sunday ride is listed below. Downieville is most likely out, due to the area being on fire. Also note: All times are start times, not arrival times! You're supposed to be ready to go at these times.

    Friday—Tahoe Rim Trail:
    9:00 - Meet at Ponderosa Ranch for caravan to the trailhead (see directions).
    Noonish - Turn-around riders split off and head back to trailhead.
    4:00ish - Emerge into the Ponderosa Ranch parking lot on Highway 28 in Incline Village.
    Dinner/Evening Activities - wide open; nothing is planned yet! There's a great sushi restaurant in Incline Village, but personally I'd like to get cleaned up first...

    Saturday—Hole in the Ground Trail, Competitions and possible Exhibition at Donner Ski Ranch, Dinner and Prizes at Truckee River Regional Park:
    9:00 - Meet at Boreal parking lot for Hole in the Ground ride.
    12:00 - $3 burgers at Donner Ski Ranch, or lunch in town.
    Early Afternoon
    - Trials competition and Exhibition/Public Show at Donner Ski Ranch. Scheduling TBA.
    5:00 - Scheduled arrival for dinner at Truckee River Regional Park. Awards and prizes will follow.

    Sunday—Mr. Toads Wild Ride:
    All times TBA. Probably 9:00 to meet at the bottom of the trail (see directions). Allow about an hour to get down there.

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