2009 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 25-27 -- Lake Tahoe and Downieville, California
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  • Friday - Sept. 25th, 2009
    Northstar at Tahoe

    Kris Holm at the Northstar Terrain Park
    Kris Holm in the Northstar Terrain park, MUni Weekend 2004

    Friday we return to the famous Northstar Ski Resort and Mountain Bike Park, with its gondola and high-speed quad ski lifts and many black-diamond trails. Easier trails too; there's something there for everybody.

    On Friday afternoon at 2:00, Cody Williams will be hosting/organizing a Trials event at the Big Springs (mid-mountain) area, which is near the top of the gondola. This event will be open to bikes as well as unicycles, and Cody will be joined by some local Bike Trials enthusiasts. But they will still need your help, if interested, in setting up the Trials lines on existing terrain (possibly including what you see above). The event will use a modified set of rules.

    Northstar is located in Truckee on Highway 267, just a few miles from the Johnson home and right down the street from the first rental cabin. Your $34 lift ticket is good for unlimited rides back up. They run a gondola and two different lifts during the summer. The new lift leads to three new double-black diamond trails, which will probably be the focal point for riders who have been to Northstar before.

    Friday Directions

    Northstar Ski Resort:
    Meet at 9:00 am, to get organized, and pick up or purchase your lift tickets to be ready to ride when lifts open at 10:00 am. Nobody seems to be registering for the discounted $34.00 lift tickets. This may be a good thing because they also offer a 3 for $99 set. Hey, that's cheaper! If people team up and buy those, it will save some possible waiting on Friday morning. The regular all-day lift ticket price is $39.00. If you can't arrive before 2:00 pm, you can get an afternoon ticket for $29.

    Northstar's Interactive Trail Map

    The lifts run until 5:00 pm That's plenty of time to ride, and either watch or participate in the Trials event.

    Lunch: Bring your own or Dine at Northstar
    Unlike the trails we're used to, this one has restaurants at the bottom! I don't know what will be open that day, but in any case you won't have to carry food if you don't want.

    Evening - Nothing planned yet:
    We'll see if we can get some group meals together, or just split up and eat in smaller groups.


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