2009 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 25-27 -- Lake Tahoe and Downieville, California
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  • The 14th Annual Edition of the World's First MUni Weekend Returns to Downieville!

    Ryan Atkins on the Downieville Trail
    Ryan Atkins, along the Downievill Trail, 2003


    • Driving directions are posted, see the Maps page.
    • Cabin space still remains; due to a few cancellations. At the moment we're at 13. First come, first served!
    • We have a Trials event! Cody Williams is organizing Trials for Friday afternoon, 2:00 pm at Northstar. He needs Trials riders and volunteers to help set up the lines, clean up afterward, and possibly help with judging/record keeping.
    • Friday Dinner Option: Join me at the Mikuni Japanese restaurant at Northstar, time TBD. Mikuni is the #1 sushi restaurant in the Sacramento area so it's sure to be quality food. And no one's going to make you eat sushi; they have other stuff on the menu!
    • Joe Sowul (crazyjoe on the forums) is making T-shirts. They are his project, so not connected registrations or me at this point; buy when you get there or possibly order online if you can't come. See the T-shirts page for details.
    • Mr. Toads Wild Ride cancelled. Due to a small Friday turnout, Nathan Hoover has determined it's better to have everyone in the same place. Plus that saves a long drive to the trail & back...
    • Downieville shuttles rescheduled to 9:00 am. If you're going to ride up with us, plan accordingly.
    • Registration is Open, please register ASAP!

    FRIDAY SEPT. 25:
    MUni and Trials: Northstar-at-Tahoe. Northstar is a ski resort with several new black diamond trails and ski lifts to the top. Trials will be in the afternoon.

    The famous Downieville Downhill, a ride of 15-17 miles (depending on route), with 4000' of downhill.

    SUNDAY SEPT. 27:
    Hole-In-The-Ground Trail. Out and back as far as you want, or the full version; a long shuttle ride with lots of up and down! This trail is near the Donner Summit, along Interstate 80 near Truckee and features an amazing rock garden for play.

    Accommodation Info

    What to Expect:
    If you're up for the challenge, you'll have the option of riding long, hard, awesome trails on all three days! Be advised that Saturday and Sunday's rides are in very remote areas with no services. Think ahead and be prepared! After safety gear, the next most important thing to have is food. It's an absolute must to finish the longer rides. After that is tools & patches. You can walk out without tools, but not without food.

    Alpine Weather:
    All rides will start between 6000' and 7000'. Mr. Toads tops out around 8800' or so. It gets cold every night, and the weather can be variable during the day. A few years ago we got snowed on at Lloyd's house. That is less likely in September but expect cold mornings and possibly hot afternoons. Dress in layers!


    • Helmet. They're required at Northstar, and just the smart thing to do the rest of the time. Hand/wrist and knee/shin protection is also highly recommended.
    • Food for the rides. A complete lunch and snacks, plus water/sports drink for the longer rides. Downieville and Hole In The Ground are in the middle of nowhere and have no services of any kind.
    • Money. Not sure what for yet, but there's always something (besides the obvious stuff like food)...
    • Warm clothes/layers. Be prepared for a wide range of temps between morning and afternoon.
    • Sunscreen. All rides are at high elevations where you will burn faster.
    • Tools, patches, spares. Like I said, most rides are in the middle of nowhere. You don't want to have to walk out!
    • If you are under 18, you MUST have a parent or guardian sign your waiver and have it notarized, as well as having a responsible adult with you in the area.

    Useful items that you should bring:

    • Unicycle(s). A good 24" muni will be great for most trails, although many people can keep up with a 20" trials uni. A trials uni would be useful for the competition as well.
    • Cell phone. Optional but a good idea, assuming there is coverage. That tends to be weak to nil in many of the best riding areas...
    • Fun stuff! Bring anything cool that you want to share with people.


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