2009 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

September 25-27 -- Lake Tahoe and Downieville, California
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    Kevin Chang on Mr. Toads Wild Ride, 2006

    Times are subject to change, but this is the current plan. All times are start times, not showing-up times! Be ready to go at these times.

    9:00 - (Exception: it's okay to show up at 9:00 for this one. Directions) Head for the Preferred Parking if available; it's the closest to the bike shop and gondola. Make your way to the bike shop, where we will gather. Northstar will require you to sign your life away, and if you didn't pre-order a lift ticket, get together in groups of three; they're 3 for $99. Then study the trail maps and make your riding plans. People interested in working on the Trials course should look for Cody and Jarin.
    10:00 - Ski lifts open. There's a gondola from the base, and two different lifts from the top of that. They run until 5:00.
    Noonish - Lunch. Bring your own or go to a restaurant at the base!
    2:00 - Trials event at the mid-mountain area, labeled as Big Springs on the trail maps. This is the general area between the three lifts (top of the gondola). Exact location TBD.

    Dinner at Mikuni Northstar - There is a Mikuni Japanese restaurant right there in the Northstar village. Anyone interested is welcome to join me! We have to determine if we go "home" and shower first, or just hose off and eat without the extra driving. Mikuni is a top-rated group of restaurants around Sacramento, so I expect it to be reeely good. Never had "proper" sushi? Give it a try!

    Mr. Toads Wild Ride
    Cancelled. Everybody go to Northstar! We'll do Mr. Toads next time we come to the Tahoe area, okay?

    Saturday—Downieville Downhill:
    9:00 - Meet in Downieville (directions). You will want to arrive about 1/2 hour before the shuttle time to get all your gear together, so it's recommended to leave Truckee around 7:00.
    If you choose to park at the top and ride from there plan to arrive there by 9:45 to meet up with the shuttle riders. Don't forget to reserve your own shuttle for the ride back up to your car!

    Lunch - Bring it, and don't skimp. The Downieville ride absolutely requires food and electrolytes! Nobody wants to bonk in the middle of nowhere, with many miles to go. Don't rely on energy bars & gels. Bring some, but those are to get you through the end of the ride. Carry in some real, honest to goodness food! Our lunch stop last time was at the green bridge, seen on the Maps page. Please wait there if you've been riding ahead of the group.
    Dinner/Evening Activities
    - wide open; nothing is planned yet! If the group is small enough, the Johnson family may host us at their house. Otherwise we might hit a restaurant in town if we can organize a giant reservation. If you don't want to wait to drive back to Truckee, there are some places in Downieville, but don't expect much in between there and Truckee.

    Sunday—Hole in the Ground Trail
    10:00 - Meet along Boreal Ridge Road, outside the Boreal parking lot (directions). Bring lunch, or make it a shorter ride. Again, this trail goes away from everything so you must be self-contained. Do it as an out-and-back or shoot for the whole 12 miles (with shuttle)!


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