2007 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

October 12-14 -- Santa Cruz, California
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    Friday - Oct 12th, 2007

    9:30am–12:30pm Muni & Coker: De Laveaga Off Road Racing, Pizza lunch

    Initial check-in, De Laveaga races (Muni and Coker), and lunch (pizza—included in cost).

    The race course will be cross-country on twisty single-track with some modest drops, more than a mile long. We will likely have two courses, a longer one for Coker Muni and a shorter one for regular Muni.

    After the race, we will be having pizza at the De Laveaga park.

    Map and Directions

    1pm—4:30 Muni: Wilder Ranch, Old Cabin Trail (Beginner-Intermediate)

    This ride starts at the bottom of Wilder Ranch and rides up the Engalsmans loop trail (very easy fire road). It will then continue on to "Old Cabin" trail, a beautiful single track muni ride through the redwoods. After riding it one direction, we will turn around, and ride it the other way. Advanced riders can take a different route.

    Map and Directions
    Wilder Ranch State Park

    1pm–4:30 Coker: Rob’s Ride
    This ride is 19.5 miles with about 1200’ of climbing. It starts in downtown Santa Cruz and heads up through the UCSC Campus. It follows fire-roads with some steep climbing and lots of fun side trips to Empire Grade Rd. Crossing the road, we enter Gray Whale Ranch and then continue into Wilder Ranch, on a mix of fire-road and not too technical single-track. Riding these trails for speed is a real blast. There are also gorgeous views of the ocean and Monterey Bay. At the bottom of the hill, we take a bike path back to Santa Cruz, then finish with a very scenic cruise past Natural Bridges Beach, West Cliff Drive and the Boardwalk. The ride has been done in under 2 hours but will probably take 3 to 3 ½ hours.

    Rob’s Ride can be done with cranks from 125mm to 170mm. 152mm is recommended especially since we have added a special “Muni Weekend Supplement” that contains an extra mile of single-track, some sections quite steep. If you run cranks shorter than 152mm, you'll really want a brake. Short cranks are nice, but if you want to successfully ride the many side challenges, go with 152mm.

    Map and Directions

    GPS/elevation/map info
    3 min Video slide-show

    Start of the ride
    Side challenges (the Lock ‘Em Up Log)
    Picnic spot in Wilder Ranch
    At the Wilder Ranch overlook
    West Cliff Drive


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