2007 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

October 12-14 -- Santa Cruz, California
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    Regular Muni and Coker Muni rides!
    There will be options for both!

    Corbin at West Cliff in Santa Cruz
    Corbin at West Cliff in Santa Cruz

    FRIDAY OCT 12:
    Races at De Laveaga (Muni and Coker), pizza lunch
    Afternoon MUni: Wilder Ranch, Old Cabin Trail + lower Mailboxes
    Afternoon Coker: Rob’s Ride (normal route)
    Friday Details

    Morning MUni:
    Soquel Demo Forest: Braille trail
    Morning Coker: Nisene Marks to Sand Point
    Afternoon: Corbin/Louise’s house: Street Comp
    Dinner: Awards Banquet at Corbin's house
    Saturday Details

    SUNDAY OCT 14:
    Morning MUni: U-CON Trail to UCSC
    Morning Coker:
    Rob’s Ride Plus (Moore Ranch Rd. option)
    Afternoon: Trials at Santa Cruz Jetty (as seen in Defect, etc.)
    Dinner: Dinner at Seabright Brewery

    Sunday Details

    You can fill out the form onscreen, then print it, and mail it to the address shown with your check.

    Camping Recommendation:

    Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

    We will NOT reserve any campsites, and they will go fast! Please reserve a site early.

    Hotel Recommendations:

    Scott’s Valley Hilton. 10 double rooms reserved at $119. Say you are with the "mountain unicycle group" to get the discounted rate.

    Continental Inn - Santa Cruz. Note: rate update! Somewhat economical and close to town, but on a busier street (Ocean St). 2 Nights @ $95.00 per room, per night, one queen bed. Non smoking.

    Santa Cruz can be cool and foggy in the mornings, but it quickly warms up.


    • Helmet. They will be required if you want to participate in any competition event(s), along with knee protection and gloves or wristguards. For the rides, this gear, at a minimum, is highly recommended.
    • Water/sports drink. For the Friday and Sunday rides I recommend a hydration pack with water, plus a bottle of sports drink. All of our 2007 trails are very remote, so you've got to bring everything you need.
    • Food. Your body will need lots of calories for all the rides. On Saturday, there will not be any stores for a lunch stop, so be sure to pack a good lunch with you!
    • Money. The only meals included in the registration cost are Friday's pizza lunch, and Saturday's dinner. On Saturday night beer/alcohol must be purchased separately. You are responsible for all other meals.
    • Warm clothes/layers. It can sometimes get cool in Santa Cruz.
    • If you are under 18, you MUST have a parent or guardian present for the competition!
    Useful items that you should bring:
    • Unicycle(s). A good 24" muni will be great for most trails, although many people can keep up with a 20" trials uni. Bring your Coker or 36"er to go on the optional coker muni rides.
    • Tools, a patch kit or spare tube, and a small pump if you have them.
    • Sunscreen.
    • Cell phone (optional). In addition, add in Corbin's phone number in case you have a question or are lost: 831-359-6178.
    • Fun stuff! Bring anything cool that you want to share with people.

    What to Wear:
    It can get cool in the evenings, but the temperature in Santa Cruz is generally moderate.

    Getting There:
    Just use Google Maps to find Santa Cruz. The individual rides will have directions for each of them.

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