2007 California Mountain
Unicycle Weekend

October 12-14 -- Santa Cruz, California
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    Saturday - Oct 13th, 2007

    (times subject to change)

    9am–2pm Muni: Soquel Demonstration Forest: Braille trail

    Excellent all-round muni from beginner to advanced riding. Starting at the top of the Santa Cruz mountains at Highland road, we will ride up the dirt "Hihn's Mill Road" where there are lots of logs and drops off the side, so be sure to not miss them! We will then turn right and head up "Sulpher Springs Trail". Only the toughest riders will be able to ride with no dismounts until the top; others can easily walk. After a short ride on the Ridge Trail we will take a right turn and head down the famous "Braille Trail"—once illegal forcing early muni rides to walk their unicycle to the start of the trail by "feel".

    Map and Directions
    Old Map

    Photos from previous MUni Weekends: 2004   2002


    9am–1pm Coker: Nisene Marks Park to Sand Point

    Riding from downtown Aptos (intersection of Old Dominion Court and State Park Drive), we head immediately into The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park. The first 2 miles is fun single-track with many side challenges. Then we head up a fire-road to Sand Point. This climbs steeply up “The Incline”, then gently to Sand Point. Most riders will prefer to return to the cars from here. Motivated riders can continue for 3 more miles up to the summit of Santa Rosalia Mountain (2600’) and experience “The Wall”. Can you keep up with Beau, dismount-free all the way?

    NOTE: This ride will be very tough with cranks shorter than 152mm. In fact it is tough with 152mm! The basic ride is 18 miles, 1600’ climbing. With the Santa Rosalia Mountain extension, it’s 25.5 miles, 2800’ climbing. Don’t be scared of the distance or climbing. You can turn around at any time and the bottom 2 miles of excellent single-track has lots of side challenges and fun technical sections. While it has been ridden in both directions by one person on a 24” Muni (Mr. Holm), there are many sections to seriously challenge any big wheel rider in the world.

    Map and Directions

    Start of the ride, Old Dominion Ct, Aptos
    On the way to Sand Point:
    Sand Point
    Start of “The Wall”

    3pm–6pm : Trials or Street Comp at Corbin & Louise’s house
    Out in the Santa Cruz mountains, not too far from Soquel Demonstration Forest, Louise and Corbin will be holding a trials or street competition.

    7pm - 10pm+ : Dinner & Awards, still at Corbin & Louise's
    It's a barbeque. Vegetarian options are planned. Your help may be needed!

    Map and Directions


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